The Funds utilise several strategies to achieve their overriding investment objective, which include:

Fixed Income strategy. The fixed income strategy seeks to diversify its portfolios with securities sporting attractive risk-reward characteristics, mostly from developed market issuers and in major currencies.

Market neutral strategies. This strategy seeks to generate strong risk-adjusted market neutral returns from the global markets. The strategy focuses on selecting funds with attractive valuations and growth trajectories. The Funds believe that combining investments across various funds with market neutral strategies creates a well-diversified portfolio that can take advantage of independent dynamics of different markets, businesses and economic cycles, and will be generally uncorrelated to other traditional asset classes.

The Funds benefit from our team’s global investment banking expertise in mergers & acquisitions and capital raising activities as well as entrepreneurial skills and background.

Our Approach

We strive to deliver effective solutions to our Funds ranging from sophisticated packaged products to tailor-made, innovative investment solutions.

Our added value lies in our capacity to offer a variety of investment strategies within the Funds to address a variety of individual needs with personalized solutions and services.

We build long-term relationships for our investors

As our Fund offering expands, we will seek to offer further value by diversifying our strategies and investment objectives.

We think globally for our clients

We are based in Gibraltar, so that our clients could benefit from stability, transparency, and efficiency of the country’s financial system. At the same time, our services cover the entire world, with a particular focus on developed markets of the USA and Europe where our team has extensive experience.

Our Strategy

Our strategy seeks to ensure that our Funds are managed in accordance with the terms of the offer documents and provide the best returns to our investors.

Our ambition is to achieve consistently high results for our investors based on two immutable principles:

(1) systematic approach to finding investment opportunities with high risk-reward potential and

(2) maximization of investment outcomes through fundamental analysis and rigorous risk management.

Those principles guide us to pursue a three-prong investment strategy focused on global macro, event-driven and relative value investing, primarily in fixed income securities of selected developed market issuers.